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Tormentor's Archive Effort of the Oldest Gamma World Mailing List

The Gamma World Mailing List was the oldest GW discussion group that I know of. Unlike the Gamma World Mailing List I moderated through E-Groups that got absorbed into Yahoo, this list was only delivered a few times a week. A mutant in Germany named Thomas Biskup ran it on listserv, but he must have ran it on his own personal machine because he only connected to send/receive the messages a few times a week.

It was, however, the mother list. It was the one that brought us all together at first, and brought some order to the chaos of the first dark days following the apocalypse when there was no organization, and folks scattered to and fro did not know how to find one another. We really do owe Thomas a debt as forerunner of Gamma World discussion online. It has lots of valuable information in its archives. As far as I know, Thomas did not maintain archives.

Well, here is a first try at just getting some of this up. They are in ugly text file format. I plan to do something good with them maybe before I die, but hey, just cleaning them up into this format is the first step towards being able to use them in other ways. I am just putting them up for now because it will probably take me forever to get around to doing them right.

I started doing these in chronological order, but I quickly saw that topics (threads) would be the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff (quotes and re-quotes).

The old subscription address, was, so if you ever hear of the "Saranxis" list, this was it.

May, 1997

June, 1997

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Derek's Greatest Hits (newest ones)



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