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Welcome to Tormentor's Virtual Wasteland.

Gamma World...and other post-apocalyptic role-playing games inspired by it...that's what I'm talkin about.

Since the days of 1st Edition Gamma World, Post-Apocalyptic role-playing has been my favorite genre.  D&D (fantasy) is okay, Star Frontiers and Traveller (space opera) are fun, but there's something about the whole Road Warrior (Mad Max) with mutants idea that seems to capture the imagination of those of us old enough to have grown up in the shadow of the cold war with the spectre of nuclear annihilation haunting our darkest nightmares.


January 8, 2022 -

Updated my Trait Generator to include an idea for overall character motivation in addition to throwing out 3 random traits.

Added a Catastrophe Idea Generator tool.

December 31, 2021 -

Updated my 4th Edition Encounter Generator Detailed change notes at the bottom of the generator page.

December 30, 2021 -
Added a Trait Generator.
Updated my 4th Edition Encounter Generator with stock creatures alphabetized from A to M. Eventually, N through Z will be programmed.

December 26, 2021 -
Updated my 4th Edition Encounter Generator with stock creatures alphabetized from A to H. Eventually, I through Z will be programmed. The Encounter Generator makes use of the Loot Generator and tries to assign usable artifacts to the enemies.

October 20, 2019 -
With Yahoo shutting down most functionality of Groups, I've started grabbing messages and attachments before they disappear. I have messages up to 2002 and all attachments at: Gamma World Mail Group

August 14, 2010 -
Added a Site Map page at
the bottom of every page. I don't own anything from Apple so I haven't solved the Safari issue with the pulldown menus at the top of my site. This is a stopgap measure to at least allow for navigation of some sort.
Palladium Rifts and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also entertaining, but as far as Rifts is concerned, I just don't like magic (which is unbelievable) mixed in with my psionics and insane mutations (which are of course believable...wait did I say that without cracking up).  I'd much rather take all the spandex and tights out of Palladium Heroes Unlimited, mix it with the Ninjas and Superspies book and TMNT and then just steal tidbits from Rifts. A strategy that Brutorz Bill employed quite well running near-future-pre-apoc mutant campaigns.

But Gamma World is my oldest and dearest loved system. The game just won't die...multiple versions, poor module doesn't seem to matter cause it keeps returning in a new form.  Don't like the latest version?  Wait 5-6 years and you just might see another new and drastically different one.

I'm most partial to 4th edition, since that is the one I have used most as a Game Master.  As a player, I sure spent a lot of time in 1st and 3rd, under the torture...errr, I mean guidance of Brutorz Bill.

I've been really lazy in updating this site for 9+ years now....hmmm, seems to coincide with the birth of my daughter..funny how becoming a parent chewed up leisure time that used to be spent on role-playing game pursuits.  Of course, getting heavily involved in table-top wargaming with Mechwarrior Clix sucked up what scant leisure time was left.

This small site reboot in 2010 doesn't add a lot of new content, but does bring some real site design to the table rather than simple static html pages from 1998.  I've fixed or removed broken links, rearranged some things, put notices on random generators that have not beeen resurrected from back when the site was on a Linux host, etc.  Now that I've got going here, hopefully all my old Linux perl scripts can be rebuilt over time to get the randomizers going again.

Tormentor the character drawn by WORG Tormentor the character drawn by John Traglio
Drawn by WORG Drawn by John Traglio

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