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Tormentor's Fourth Edition Random Encounter Generator

This tool randomizes encounters of Fourth Edition creatures. For now, it only works with stock creatures.

Currently, only stock creatures with names in letters A through O are complete. When P through Z are completed this page will be updated to reflect that. See the bottom of this page for the latest change notes.

Choose Generation Rules

Encounter Terrain Type:

Encounter Adversary Type:

Max Appearing Constraint:
This setting can be used to limit the number appearing for power concerns.
Default will use the official max and min appearing from the rules.

If a max appearing number is chosen it will be respected as far as possible.
  • If the Max Appearing Constraint choice above is greater than the official Max Appearing in the rules, the rules maximum will be used instead.
  • If the Max Appearing Constraint choice above is less than the official Min Appearing in the rules, the Max Appearing Constraint will be raised to the rules minimum.
Note: This does not scale loot accordingly. For adversaries with generous group Loot Types, limiting the number appearing significantly may lead to a massive, lightly defended treasure trove. Also each of the adversaries in a smaller group may have multiple weapons in such a scenario. Just a warning that you may have to manually adjust loot and equipped gear if you limit party size.

  • One could choose a Max Appearing Constraint of 10 and if Hoops were rolled, then the number appearing would be randomized between 1 and 10 instead of between 1 and 20 as per the rules.
  • One could choose a Max Appearing Constraint of 2 and if Badders were rolled, then the number appearing would be randomized "between 3 and 3" instead of between 3 and 18 as per the rules.

Notes and Limitations

I will probably work on adding in Robots next for when they fall into an encounter result for a particular terrain.

Once I complete a Fourth Edition character generator, I will hook this generator into that so when results such as Cryptic Alliance, Tribesman, or Random Mutant are chosen, it will fully generate and equip those adversaries as well.

Stock equipment for the creature type is generated. Pretty elaborate equip rules are used to attempt to assign operational loot to creatures who are of the appropriate tech level and otherwise able to make use of the artifact. XP is updated accordingly for equipped creatures. For now, the algorithm assigns usable loot in a purely round-robin fashion...that is to say that nothing attempts to weight loot towards an alpha or leader of the group.

Follower creatures are also not yet supported. For example, Carrins should always have 1d4 Blood Birds around, but this does not yet support randomizing and generating stats for followers.

Change Notes:

Dec 31, 2021: Hydrogen fuel cells are now properly implemented. Now, just like my algorithm for chemical and solar, if any loose hydrogen fuell cells with capacity remaining are rolled up in the artifact loot pile, the "10x chemical" capacity hydrogen multiplier is correctly factored in if the cell is swapped out for an empty or missing cell in an operational artifact loot pile weapon eligible for equipping to an adversary.

Fixed an issue where rare powercell-dependent melee "default" weapons for creatures didn't get a randomized power cell. This problem was not with equippable weapons rolled up in the Artifact loot pile. Example: a creature gets a super-rare Energy Mace as their inherent weapon (before any artifact loot is rolled), before today, no "hits left" was being calculated for the Energy Mace.

A user pointed out that ammo for the default, inherent weapons for Arks was incredibly low. That led me to discover that years ago I set the default weapons to use the same logic for artifact loot rolls (50% chance of powercell, and 50% chance of a weapon having 2d6 rounds of appropriate ammunition). I changed the default inherent weapon logic to be more generous so now Arks, for example, have much less chance of having only 1-3 arrows or crossbow bolts.

Armor now has a "metallic" flag so that Hawkoids, for example, can have default armor generated that is limited to non-metallic armors per their rules.

Hawkoids again surfaced an edge case where it might be appropriate for a creature to have more than 1 of a category of default equipped weapons. Until now, each creature type had a percent chance of getting a certain list of weapons or armor in each category (melee, ranged, shield, armor). Now, for example, Hawkoids can have a rule for 2 melee weapons so they can have 2 knives per their rules since they normally dual-wield.

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