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Cover of 4th Edition rulebook Main Rules
TSR Item # 7514    ISBN: 1-56076-401-5    Year: 1992
by Bruce Nesmith and James M. Ward

Tame the wild frontiers of Gamma Terra in the Gamma World post-holocaust science-fantasy game! Play a pure strain human or a mutated human, animal, or plant with wild and unique powers. Find and master the artifacts of the Ancients. Survive encounters with the mutant horrors that stalk the land. Revised 4th Edition rules emphasize clarity and elegant game mechanics. Includes a complete campaign background with a color campaign map. Features new character classes: enforcers, espers, examiners, and scouts.

Cover of Gamma Knights Boxed Set Gamma Knights (Boxed Set)
TSR Item # 7515    ISBN: 1-56076-402-3    Year: 1992
by Dale 'Slade' Henson

Face the dangers of Gamma Terra in the most potent weapon system of the Ancients--powered battle armor! Battle mutant monsters, rampaging robots, and the ultimate challenge of other Gamma Knights. Choose a standard suit and start play instantly or custom design a suit for maximum power. Designed to be both a fast-playing boardgame and a supplement to the popular Gamma World science-fantasy role-playing game. Features colorful stand-up playing pieces, counters, and full-size color maps. No previous experience with the Gamma World game is necessary to play.

Cover of Treasures of the Ancients book. Treasures Of The Ancients (GWA1)
TSR Item # 7517    ISBN: 1-56076-577-1    Year: 1993
by Dale 'Slade' Henson

This accessory includes the following: Weapons, bombs, grenades, and other military systems, including the lethal Mark XII Blaster. Vehicles, civilian and military, occupational and recreational, including the fun but dangerous Pogo Platform. Medical products to aid characters in their adventures, including the rare and wonderful Life Chamber. Dozens of robots, including the Exterminator and the Devastator--two robotic devices that will make the most powerful mutants cringe in fear. An additional suit of powered armor.

Cover of The Overlord of Bonparr folder. The Overlord of Bonparr (GWA2)
TSR Item # 7518    ISBN: 1-56076-599-2    Year: 1993
by Dale 'Slade' Henson

Within Bonparr, the Ranks of the Fit rule supreme. Outside Bonparr, the Ranks will soon rule! Bonparr is one of the mightiest empires in the heartland. It is ruled by the powerful cryptic alliance, the Ranks of the Fit, a paramilitary organization of mutated animals. Tied together by a network of ancient roads and held by force of arms, Bonparr is a well-regulated state in a sea of turmoil. It is presently at peace, bu threatens to boil over on the death of its aging overlord. Features deatiled descriptions of steaming Magmatap, the robot-prowled remains of Gruesome Afbayz, and the blasted, irradiated crater of Napless. This folder package contains a 64 page book describing the land of Bonparr, a 32 page book describing the unaligned territory on Bonparr's borders, and a full size full color map of the region from the Ascension to the Soto River.

Cover of the Mutant Master module Mutant Master (GWQ1)
TSR Item # 7516    ISBN: 1-56076-411-2    Year: 1992
by Bruce Nesmith

Secreted away in his hideout, the Mutant Master makes his plans. "Fellow New Men!" he cries out to the crowd before him. A roar of approval rises before he can continue. "We have bided our time, waiting for the opportunity to move forward into a new and glorious day. We have tolerated the scorn and derision of lesser races, knowing that one day, we would reign supreme!" Another roar engulfs the Mutant Master. He raises his arms for silence, his blue skin glistening in the sun. "Today, we begin the conquest of the world!" The cheer is deafening as the New Men surge forward, ready to show their loyalty for the Mutant Master, eager to do his bidding. The world doesn't know how much trouble it is in..." Characters encounter altered ones and living metal while searching the hostile wilderness for hidden secrets of the ancients! They try to penetrate the blue man's renegade Iron Society enclave to uncover the mystery of the Yorkum Tulrkel! This adventure for the new 4th Edition QAMMA WORLD game is designed for three to six characters of 1st to 3rd level. Mutant Master is an excellent tool for beginning a new GAMMA WORLD campaign, either based in Ascension in Gamma Terra, or adapted into a GM'S personally designed world. It is recommended that the character group have at least one Altered Human.

Cover of the All Animals Are Equal module All Animals Are Equal (GWQ2)
TSR Item # 7519    ISBN: 1-56076-638-7    Year: 1993
by Dale 'Slade' Henson

Three-hundred years after the end of civilization, the creatures are running the zoo. Home to a bewildering array of talking, intelligent creatures, the ZOO has turned into a melting pot of political intrigue, assassination, and homicide. The factions bicker end battle over territory, food, water, and power. Here in the zoo, humans are the outsiders. But when player characters enter the scene, they are welcomed as the means of upsetting the balance of power. The Pride, the Troop, and every other faction seem to have a past wound or old humiliation to settle. See what zoo politics can really be with All Animals Are Equal. In the Zoo, only power matters! Get as much as possible, however possible! Characters are drawn into the delicately balanced world of animal politics, where tooth and claw often take a back seat to treaties and promisies; They must weave their way through this maze of alliances, feuds, and diplomacy, carefully considering when to stay neutral and when to take sides; The zoo can easily be positioned in any campaign world; This 64-page adventure includes new mutations, new technology, and new weapons; The adventure is designed for 3 to 6 characters of levels 4 to 6.

Cover of the Home Before the Sky Falls module Home Before the Sky Falls (GWQ3)
TSR Item # 7520    ISBN: 1-56076-674-3    Year: 1993
by Beach, Bittner, Eastland, and Reigel

The fate of Bonparr hangs in the balance... and the key to the past is within reach! Characters are drafted into the army of Bonparr for a special mission to investigate the stories of a terrifying war machine that is devastating the lands to the west. Not only must this formidable machine be defeated, but the PCs must discover its origin and the reason behind its rampage. In fact, that may be the only way to stop it; The adventure can easily be positioned in any GAMMA WORLD campaign; This 64-page adventure includes data on the awesome Excelsior Class RMV battlesuit and previously unknown information about the fate of Grissom Air Force Base; The adventure is usable by characters of low to mid levels.

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