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Fountain of Dreams: An Unworthy Wasteland Wannabe

Fountain Of Dreams Logo

FOD Clown FOD Beach Comber

Waste of Effort

This uninspired supposed sequel to Wasteland was made by Electronic Arts designers, unlike Wasteland, which was made by Interplay designers and merely distributed by Electronic Arts.

The game is set in post-apocalyptic Florida. Nuclear strikes and earthquakes have cut Florida off from the mainland. This island of Voodoo, Werewolves, Mutants, BeachCombers, Crime Lords, and Killer Clowns is your playground.

The game is a mere shadow of Wasteland. The game engine is not the same one used in the venerable classic. Fountain of Dreams employs only a pitiful subset of the options allowed in Wasteland. The island is a much smaller adventuring area than the vast deserts of Wasteland.

Bottom Line: EA tried to use their own designers to capitalize on the popularity of Wasteland and they produced a flop that devastated hordes of Wasteland fans begging for a sequel.

FOD Cultist FOD LupeGaroo

Back of the Box

Plain as the third nose on your're mutating. Poor Baby. So is everyone else in your party. Deal with it. Find ways to slow it down. The Fountain of Dreams - the water - it can cure you. Rejuvinate you. You must search for it. Kill for it. Because you are the endangered species.

Break into the stronghold of one of the powerful factions of this tropical wasteland. Learn the Desoto family secrets, disarm their traps, then bring them down.

Pump the Voodoo lord for info. Get him what he wants or your screams may come true.

Mother Nature's mutants are a petting zoo compared to the trigger-fingered Killer Clowns.

Why are these guys smiling? Is it that warm Florida hospitality, or is your Uzi out of ammo?

FOD Guard FOD Sergeant

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