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Equipment Created or Converted by Tormentor

Thermal Detonator

Damage: 12d6
Blast Radius: 5 meters
Duration: 1 round
Average Cost: 1500
Weight: 35 kg
Tech Level: VI
Complexity: 6

Thermal Detonators are small grenade-sized explosives. These bombs produce an extremely powerful, but tightly contained explosion capable of blasting through two meters of pure permacite. Operation of a thermal detonator is fairly simple;slide the thumb guard out of the way and activate the detonator. From that point, there are six seconds to either clear the area or switch the detonator off.

Thermal detonators are packed with baradium, a powerful but unstable synthetic element. Once detonated, baradium generates a particle field which contains the "exploding" baradium inside it. As the baradium reaction continues, internal pressure causes the particle field to rapidly expand until the energy being consumed by the field surpasses the energy within the sphere. At that point, the sphere collapses in upon itself, consuming the last of the baradium. The end result is that anything outside the sphere is undamaged, anything inside the sphere is exposed to a concentrated baradium explosion (consisting mainly of heat).

Thermal detonators carry enough baradium to create a 5-meter sphere. One disadvantage of thermal detonators is the instability of the baradium. Detonators have been known to explode after being dropper, or occasionally, for no reason at all. Thermal detonators rarely function as grenades or porjectiles, since the harsh motion could activate the baradium. Instead, Imperial engineers use thermal detonators to destroy fixed targets, attaching a bomb with magnetic couplers and then detonating it via remote control or with the six-second delay.

Converted by Tormentor from West End Games Star Wars Imperial Sourcebook

Force Pike

Damage: Stun(1d6 + stun), Lethal(7d6) [+ melee strength bonus]
THAC Bonus: +8
Average Cost: 2,500
Tech Level: V
Complexity: 10
Weight: 2 kg
Shots/Reload: Enough for 8 Stuns or 4 Lethals

Force Pikes are 2-meter long poles topped with power tips and made of very strong spun graphite which bends, rather than breaks, when put under pressure. A 2-setting power panel is located on the base of each pike by the energy cell. The settings are "stun" and "lethal". A chemical cell holds enough energy for 8 "stuns" or 4 "lethal" hits. First introduced during the Begali Uprising, force pikes are primarily used by planetary patrols and local military units to stun opponents or disperse crowds. Personal bodyguards to high officials also carry force pikes, although these pikes are primarily ceremonial (except in the case of the Emperor's Royal Guard, in whose hands a force pike is more dangerous than anyone can imagine).

Converted by Tormentor from West End Games Star Wars Imperial Sourcebook

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