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Cover of Alternity Gamma World Campaign Setting Alternity Gamma World Campaign Setting
TSR Item # 11629    ISBN: 078691629X    Year: 2000
by Andy Collin, Jeff Grubb

"Eight hundred years ago, everything went to hell.
Cities vanished, forests burned, and an entire civilization died in nuclear fire, gengineered plagues, and mutagenic poisons.

Gamma Terra is what's left, a world blighted by radioactive deserts, deadly ruins, and thousands of new and dangerous species armed and armored with bizarre mutations and the wreckage of technology. Humanity is no longer the master of the world.

Strap on your sword and ready your blaster - it's time to brave the wild frontiers!

This fresh new look at a classic campaign setting is designed for the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game. This book contains everything a Gamemaster and player needs to create and play adventures in GAMMA WORLD, including a condensed version of the ALTERNITY game rules, customized to the GAMMA WORLD setting.

-Play a pure strain human, mutant, or any of four other hero species.
-Looking for mutations? Choose from 120 different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition.
-Select one of four professions, and build your hero from an array of nearly 100 different skills.
-Pick from dozens of weapons for your hero, ranging from swords and crossbows to BattleKlaws and blaster rifles.
-Battle any of over two dozen mutated denizens of GAMMA WORLD, or test you strength against the dreaded Cryptic Alliances!
-Includes three adventure designed as a framework for a Gamemaster's GAMMA WORLD campaign.

The ALTERNITY Player's Handbook and Gamemaster Guide are not required for use of this product."

Cover of Alternity Mindwalking: A Guide to Psionics Mindwalking: A Guide to Psionics
TSR Item # 11384    ISBN: 0786913843    Year: 1999
by JD Wiker

Although this book is for the general Alternity game rather than the Gamma World Campaign Setting in particular, it is quite useful. You can never have enough mental mutations (psionics) for your mutants.


"An intruder renders security cameras inoperable with a single thought. A government official wakes up in a theater with no recollection of how she for there. A lonely child plays hide-and-seek with the man he will one day become.

Mindwalking is more than it used to be. Now it offers a whole new range of possibilities: Mystics delve into tomorrow, masters of time and space great their future selves, and biowarriors create the finest blades with only their minds.

Inside this 96-page book you'll find:

Revised rules for creating Mindwalkers and talents.
New psionic skills, perks, and flaws.
Three complete systems for mind-to-mind combat.
Detailed guidelines for creating psionics-based ALTERNITY campaigns, or exploring psionics in you existing campaign.
More than twenty-five new careers for Mindwalkers and talents.
New psionic equipment, artifacts, and phenomena.
Psionic opponents and creatures to challenge players.
Guidelines for adapting and expanding these rules to fit any science fiction game.

Cover of Dragon Magazine 272
Article Art of Dragon Magazine 272
Gamma Squirrels and Mutant Moose
TSR Item # DRG272    ISBN: 0786922672    Year: 2000
by Andy Collins

This article was published in issue number 272 of Dragon Magazine (June 2000). The author provides rules for creating mutant animal characters for the ALTERNITY Gamma World Campaign Setting.


"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck had opposable thumbs? Find out with this expansion to the new GAMMA WORLD rules.

The courageous mutated squirrel, Roki, spread his leathery wings and glided down from his hidden perch, his twin revolvers blazing. Four Knights of Genetic Purity surrounded his comrade, Binkel, and even the great creature’s mighty antlers and thick carapace would prove no match for the knights’ blaster pistols. Perhaps Roki’s second brain, complete with its powers of telepathic suggestion, might dissuade the humans.

The latest version of the GAMMA WORLD Roleplaying Game includes six species for use as heroes: humans, mutants, androids, dabbers, sasquatch, and sleeth. While these choices provide plenty of options for your GAMMA WORLD campaign — particularly one set in the grim and gritty Land of Settle — the allure of creating a truly unique character is one of the hallmarks of GAMMA WORLD past and present. Here, then, are guidelines for creating your own mutated animal hero for GAMMA WORLD. In addition to this article, you’ll need a copy of the new GAMMA WORLD game for reference (particularly for mutation descriptions)."

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