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Name: Igniter
Genotype: Mutated Human
Alliance: Radioactivist
Class: Enforcer
Level: 2 Experience: n/a for NPC
PS:15 DX:16 CN:16 MS:15 IN:16 CH:14 SN:13
THAC melee: 5
THAC ranged: 4
AC: 18 = 13 (+3 armor) (+2 shield)
HP: 54
Health: 12 (14 vs Radiation)
Use Artifacts: 2
Perception: 15
Stealth: 2
Remain Unseen: 2
Walk Speed: 12
Swim Speed: 3
Robot Recognition: 16
Additional Stats: +2 strength dam mod

Read/Write: No
Swim: No
Ride: Yes
Combat Leadership: 5
Makeshift Weapon/Armor: 6
Size-Up Opponent: 1

Starting Mutations
Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Leathery Wings (8)
Photogeneration (14)

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Mental Blast (19) 0
Telekinesis (16) 2

(Mutations acquired from worshipping the divine radiant glow)
Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Air Sail
Radiating Eyes (13) [Intensity 6]
Energy Absorption - Lasers (13)

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Magnetic Control (15)

Studded Leather Armor (+3 AC)
Steel Shield (+2 AC)
Morning Star (2d4 damage)
Knife (1d3 damage)
3 days dried rations
60 ft hemp rope

Life Story
Igniter began following Tormentor when he ventured forth with the mohawked one to take vengance on a Sep who had killed the leader of Igniter's village.

Igniter's exceptional attributes and his awesome mix of mutations quickly helped him to become Tormentor's left hand mutant.. his assassin.

Igniter often uses his sonar to scout with Slick. Because of his wings and backup air sail he can actually cover more distance than Slick. His energy absorption, radiating eyes, mental blast, and photogeneration make him a killing machine.

Igniter is very charismatic, and independent-minded. He follows Tormentor because of the honorable trial of combat Tormentor won over the other leading candidate in the village. He has also had a fun, profitable time adventuring with Tormentor. Igniter is totally loyal to Tormentor while following him, and would never leave Tormentor hanging in a tight spot. Still there may come a day when he and Tormentor's plans do not run the same path. If such a day ever comes, Igniter will have no trouble deciding to go his own way.

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