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Name: Wurgen
Genotype: Altered Human
Alliance: Radioactivists
Class: Scout
Level: 1
Experience: n/a for NPC
PS:10 DX:20 CN:8MS:4 IN:13 CH:11 SN:13
THAC melee: 0
THAC ranged: 3
AC: 16 = 14 (+1, +1 see below)
HP: 20
Health: 10
Use Artifacts: 1
Perception: 15
Stealth: 5
Remain Unseen: 2
Walk Speed: 23
Swim Speed: 14
Robot Recognition: 10

Read/Write: No
Swim: Yes
Ride: No
Detect Ambush/Trap: 4
Hunting: 2
Navigate: 3
Tracking: 8
Wilderness Survival: 3

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Poor Dual Brain [see below]
Multiple Limbs [4 extra arms for a total of 6]
Multiple Limbs [4 extra legs for a total of 6]

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Empathy [Brain 1 in head] (15) +2
Mass Mind [Brain 1 in head] (7) -1
Mental Blast [Brain 2 in chest] (15) +2

3 Maces (1d6+1 damage)
1 .38 Service-Six Ruger Revolver (2d8 damage)
5 rounds of .38 ammo for revolver
Makeshift Armor-Football Helmet (+1 AC)
Makeshift Armor-Football Shoulder Pads (+1 AC)
10 days dried rations
Bullhorn (perfect condition, empty power cell)
Parachute (still in drop pack)
6 pieces of gold

Life Story
Wurgen is a true freak. He has been blessed and cursed by the glow so much that it is hard to believe he was once a normal humanoid. His elongated torso now sports 6 arms and 6 legs. He has learned to handle his form well, however, and he is very fast and dextrous.

Because of his problems (detailed below), Wurgen makes sure he takes the longest scouting missions possible. The more he wanderes the trackless wastes in search of new holy lands and artifacts, the less damage he can do to his Radioactivist brothers.

Wurgen suffers with a poor dual brain. There is a 5% chance the second brain will take over in moments of stress. The second brain has a brutal personality shaped by an intense hatred of all animals. It will attempt to use all means at its disposal to destroy any mutant animals in sight. This poor brain can perform a mental blast that is unaccessible to the normal, rational primary brain.

He has kept this murderous secret from his Radioactivist leaders, who would view it as a curse, and assume that the glow no longer favored Wurgen. Also, mutant animals are welcome, though not numerous, in the Radioactivists, so any unprovoked, violent outbreaks by Wurgen might be met with swift punishment.

Some of the enforcers in Wurgen's Radioactivist clan helped him renovate two pieces of ancient sports equipment he found on one of his journeys. A football helmet with a full lineman's face mask is held firm by makeshift leather chinstraps tied in the earholes. More leather straps hold a set of football shoulder pads firmly around the set of shoulders and arms closest to his head.

More to come later on how Wurgen fits in to my Chalk Hills campaign region.

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