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Name: Thunder
Genotype: Altered Human
Alliance: None
Class: Enforcer
Level: 4
Experience: n/a for NPC
THAC melee: 7
THAC ranged: 7
AC: 21 (16 + 5 Chain Mail)
MD: 10
HP: 88
Health: 11
Use Artifacts: -1
Perception: 7
Stealth: 3
Remain Unseen: -1
Walk Speed (bipedal): 15
Swim Speed: 6
Robot Recognition: 18
Additional Stats: +3 strength dam mod

Read/Write: No
Swim: Yes
Ride: Yes
Combat Leadership: 7
Makeshift Weapon/Armor: 7
Size-Up Opponent: 7

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Sonic Blast (16)
Kinetic Absorption (13)
Skeletal Enhancement
Density Control-Self (18)
Bodily Control (17)

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Telekinetic Flight (18) +3
Fear Generation (16) +2

Chain Mail (+5 AC)
Tin Canteen
Laser Pistol, UV (+3 THAC, 3d8 damage)
4 Stun Grenades (Intensity 15)
Energy Mace (+5 THAC, 1d6 damage + 4d10 energy damage)
VibroBlade (+10 THAC, 8d6 damage)
6 Solar Power Cells
14 days dried rations

Life Story
Thunder is Lo Pan's right hand man. He actually has quite a jovial personality and speaks only very, very broken English. Some mistake his comical accent and the twinkle in his eye for weakness. They do so to their peril.

He is terrible to behold when angry. He is a very huge man, and he is one tough enforcer with the aid of his kinetic absorption, skeletal enhancement, and control over his body and density. He can make himself seem larger than life.

He is a master swordsman, and his telekinetic flight gives him an even further edge in any swordfight.

Adapted by Tormentor from the motion picture Big Trouble In Little China

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