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Name: Rain
Genotype: Altered Human
Alliance: None
Class: Enforcer
Level: 4
Experience: n/a for NPC
SN: 9
THAC melee: 6
THAC ranged: 7
AC: 21 (16 + 5 Chain Mail)
MD: 10
HP: 105
Health: 13
Use Artifacts: 2
Perception: 11
Stealth: 3
Remain Unseen: 2
Walk Speed (bipedal): 15
Swim Speed: 6
Robot Recognition: 18
Additional Stats: +2 strength dam mod

Read/Write: No
Swim: Yes
Ride: Yes
Combat Leadership: 7
Makeshift Weapon/Armor: 7
Size-Up Opponent: 7

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Weather Manipulation (18)

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Telekinetic Flight (18) +3

Chain Mail (+5 AC)
Tin Canteen
Laser Pistol, UV (+3 THAC, 3d8 damage)
2 Stun Grenades (Intensity 15)
Paralysis Rod (as per Intensity 12 Paralytic Poison)
2 VibroBlades (+10 THAC, 8d6 damage)
Long Sword (1d8 damage)
Dagger (1d4 damage)
3 pack of red foam-rubber balls
Flail (1d6+1 damage)
2 Razor-tipped backscratchers (1d4 damage)
8 Solar Power Cells
14 days dried rations
3 flasks of oil
Matchsticks Scissors

Life Story
This Storm gets his name from his power to summon rain within a 100 meter area outdoors. His major claim to fame, however is his psychotic love for torture.

His trademark torture method involves little red foam rubber balls. He found the balls stored in a vacuum sealed container (think tennis ball packaging) where they had survived the ages since the apocalypse. He also employs various, razor sharp metal back scratchers.

He is a master swordsman, and his duality gives him a deadly edge in combat. Ironically, this mutant who can call down water from the heavens loves to oil his sword and set it afire in combat. His foes know and fear his burning blade.

Adapted by Tormentor from the motion picture Big Trouble In Little China

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