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Name: Oxmar
Genotype: Altered Human
Alliance: Iron Society
Class: Scout
Level: 1
Experience: n/a for NPC
THAC melee: 2
THAC ranged: 3
AC: 16 = 13 (+3 armor)
HP: 26
Health: 10
Use Artifacts: -1
Perception: 15
Stealth: 4
Remain Unseen: 0
Walk Speed (bipedal): 15
Swim Speed: 6
Robot Recognition: 17
Additional Stats: +2 strength dam mod

Read/Write: No
Swim: Yes
Ride: No
Detect Ambush/Trap: 1
Hunting: 3
Navigate: 8
Tracking: 7
Wilderness Survival: 1

Natural Attacks
Pincher Claw: 1d8
Pincher Claw: 1d8

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Chameleon Power (17) [Add +7 to Remain Unseen when activated]
Night Vision
Skeletal Enhancement
New Body Parts [2 new arms with crab-like pinchers]

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC

Studded Leather Armor (+3 AC)
Tin Canteen
Light Crossbow (2d6 damage)
27 Crossbow Bolts
Flintlock Pistol (2d8 damage)
23 musketballs with supply of gunpowder
Blowgun (1d4 damage from darts)
3 doses of intensity 5 paralytic poison
Dagger (1d4 damage)
6 days dried rations
120 ft hemp rope
10 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat from Ancient's Military) Ham/Rice/Cheese/Crackers

Life Story
Oxmar is not very intelligent, but is a great scout. An excellent navigator and tracker, he has served the Iron Society well.

His Chameleon Powers and Night vision give him an edge. He has a very tough skeletal structure, as well as two new arms sprouting below his original ones. These new arms have sharp pinchers instead of hands, giving him more methods of attack, as well as a dangerous natural attack for when he is otherwise unarmed or out of ammo.

He is fond of poisoning his crossbow bolts and his blowgun darts whenever it will make his life easier.

More to come later on how Oxmar fits in to my Chalk Hills campaign region.

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