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Picture of NPC

Name: Mojag Moseley
Genotype: Mutated German-Shepherd-Mixed
Alliance: The Ranks of the Fit
Class: Enforcer
Level: 1
Experience: n/a for NPC
PS:14 DX:19 CN:16MS:18 IN:18 CH:11 SN:20
THAC melee: 2
THAC ranged: 5
AC: 14
MD: 13
HP: 69
Health: 12
Use Artifacts: 3
Perception: 23
Stealth: 6
Remain Unseen: 3
Walk Speed: 21
Bipedal Speed: 15
Swim Speed: 7
Robot Recognition: 14

Read/Write: No
Swim: No
Ride: Yes
Combat Leadership: 2
Makeshift Weapon/Armor: 6
Size-Up Opponent: 4

Human Characteristics
Manipulate Tools
Humanoid Speech
Size Change-Larger

Natural Attacks/Abilities
Bite for 1d6 damage
Tail Lash 1d4 damage
Heightened Smell
Heightened Hearing

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Allergic to Mushrooms (D)
Heightened Touch
Immunity to Corrosives/Acids
Night Vision
New Body Parts [Prehensile Tail]

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC

Short Sword (1d6 damage)
Tail Blade (1d4)
Bayonet (1d6 damage)
5.56mm Colt Commando (3d6 damage)
123 rounds of 5.56 ammo Bandolier
IR Laser Pistol (3d6 damage)
Pistol Holster
2 chemical power cells
1 solar power cell
4 Fragmentation Grenades (3d6 damage)

Life Story
Although Mojag is an Enforcer, his keen, canine senses make him an excellent scout.

This heightened awareness has allowed him to scavenge several artifacts of the Ancients throughout his adventures.

His great skill at ranged attacks has allowed him to put these artifacts to deadly use.

His prehensile tail sometimes gives him an extra edge in combat, or other situations where extra dexterity or manipulation are needed. Mojag has killed several sentient beings who have made jokes that "he looks more like a rat than a dog".

More to come later on how Mojag Moseley fits in to my Chalk Hills campaign region.

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