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Name: Lo Pan
Genotype: Altered Human
Alliance: None
Class: Esper
Level: 16
Experience: n/a for NPC
THAC melee: 2
THAC ranged: -1
AC: 9
HP: 118
Health: 10
Use Artifacts: 3
Perception: 19
Stealth: -1
Remain Unseen: 3
Walk Speed (bipedal): 11
Swim Speed: 2
Robot Recognition: 16
Additional Stats: +2 strength dam mod

Read/Write: Yes
Swim: Yes
Ride: No
Hypnosis: 19
Identify Mental Power: 19
Photographic Memory: 19
Sense Mental Powers: 19

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Anti-Necrobiosis [Dragon #194, page 65]
Allergy [D] - Antibiotics
Body Change [D] - Sagging Folds of Skin

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Stunning Force (25) 7
Telekinetic Hand (30) 9
Telekinetic Flight (27) 8
Force Field Generation (29) 9
Beguiling (30) 9
Magnetic Control (29) 9
Illusion Generation (30) 9

Tin Canteen
9 Doses Intensity 12 Paralytic Poison
Paralysis Rod (as per Intensity 12 Paralytic Poison)
VibroDagger (+6 THAC, 3d6 damage)
2 Solar Power
Cells Backpack
14 days dried rations
IR Goggles

Life Story
Lo Pan fancies himself to be a great sorceror. He is, in fact, a very dangerous and powerful Esper megalomaniac.

He has taken over what is left of the cooled ruins of ChinaTown in the Ancient city of San Francisco. He and his henchmen, The Three Storms, strike fear into the entire region.

Lo Pan is very, very old already. His Anti-Necrobiosis mutation has kept his tissue from deteriorating, and there is no telling how much longer he will live. Even now, while well into his nineties, it is as if he is a 32 year old physically.

Alas, the great glow is cruel sometimes. While it bestowed upon him the blessing of Anti-Necrobiosis, the glow also cursed him with loose, wrinkled, sagging folds of skin. His youthful strength is masked behind the visage of a man who looks so old he should be senile and immobile. Lo Pan has used this to his advantage many times, as he is most often seen by the public in a wheel chair. When it suits him, he uses his Illusion Generation to appear as a young, strong man. This only heightens the rumors that he is indeed a sorceror as well as an Esper.

Lo Pan surrounds himself with the finest luxuries, and keeps a harem of beautiful green-eyed women.

Adapted by Tormentor from the motion picture Big Trouble In Little China

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