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Name: K'krik Vashtok
Genotype: Mutated Praying Mantis
Alliance: The Ranks of the Fit
Class: Esper
Level: 1
Experience: n/a for NPC
THAC melee: 4
THAC ranged: 1
AC: 15
MD: 12
HP: 54
Health: 11
Use Artifacts: 2
Perception: 14
Stealth: 3
Remain Unseen: 2
Walk Speed: 13
Swim Speed: 4
Robot Recognition: 14
Additional Stats: +4 strength dam mod

Read/Write: Yes
Swim: Yes
Ride: No
Hypnosis: 4
Identify Mental Powers: 4
Photographic Memory: 4
Sense Mental Powers: 4

Human Characteristics
Manipulate Tools
Humanoid Speech
Size Change-Larger

Natural Attacks/Abilities
Claw/Claw attacks for 1d8/1d8
+2 Remain Unseen if in green vegetation

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Thought Imitation
Stunning Force (6) -1
Teleport Object (17) +3

2 Morning Stars (2d4 damage)
Hammer (tool)
Lantern and 1 flask of oil
60 feet of hemp rope
Aerosol spray can (pine scent)
1 vial of intensity 2 poison
Book: Reader's Digest Field Guide to North American Medicinal Herbs

Life Story
K'Krik is a very capable esper. His problem with seizures sometimes puts him at great risk, but since he is usually behind the lines, he is rarely hurt.

He specializes in melee weapons because of his great size, strength, and natural body armor, but he is not very well suited for melee combat because of his seizures.

His prize possesion is the herb book he found. He is attempting to learn some skills that will help him heal his comrades if they are injured.

More to come later on how K'Krik Vashtok fits in to my Chalk Hills campaign region.

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