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Name: Fors
Genotype: Mutated Human
Alliance:None: cooperates with Reformed Restorationists
Class: Scout
Level: 3 Experience: n/a for NPC
PS:16 DX:18 CN:15 MS:13 IN:14 CH:9 SN:16
THAC melee: 2
THAC ranged: 3
AC: 15 = 13 (+2 armor)
HP: 59
Health: 12
Use Artifacts: 2
Perception: 17
Stealth: 6
Remain Unseen: 4
Walk Speed: 15
Swim Speed: 6
Robot Recognition: 12
Additional Stats: +2 strength dam mod

Read/Write: Yes
Swim: Yes
Ride: No
Detect Ambush/Trap: 4
Hunting: 6
Tracking: 7
Wilderness Survival: 6
Navigate: 7

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Body Change [D - Silver-White Hair]
Heightened Hearing
Night Vision

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Empathy (13) 1
(special - bond with Lura only-see below)

Leather Armor (+2 AC)
Long Bow (1d8 +2 damage)
Knife (1d3 damage)
Leather Pouch
1 weeks dried rations
100 ft hemp rope
Starburst Medallion
Gold Ring - Egyptian Scarab
Numerous Maps
Waterproof Map Case
1 Box Assorted Colored Pencils

Life Story
Fors is an expert scout. His tribe (The Star Men) descended from engineers who had been sequestered in a mountain bomb-proof research facility. The tribe has fallen back to low-tech weapons, and all automated services/power/high-tech conveniences at the facility have long been exhausted.

The driving purpose of the Star Men is to map the known lands and collect all lost information possible. They sent out scouts to scour the land and bring back maps, books, and other information/loot to their mountain strongholds. They naturally felt in sympathy with the general Restorationist love of knowledge and cooperate freely with them. The Star Men, however, do not believe in world dominance, but rather feel more in tune with the reformed Restorationists. While the Star Men will defend themselves, they are a peace-loving people and non-aggressive towards friendly sentients.

Fors is an expert boyer/fletcher and his specially constructed long bow gives him a +2 damage bonus from his strength, as well as an additional 10 meters of range.

His night vision and heightened hearing have saved his life numerous times. Fors also has a special empathic link with his hunting cat, Lura (see below).

Name: Lura
Genotype: Mutated Housecat
Attacks: Claw/Claw/Bite 1d6/1d6/1d6+1
Base Speed: 19
Additional Skills: 3 meter leap
Mutation: Empathic connection with Fors

Notes: Lura is the mutated descendant of many generations of crossbreeding between larger/mutated housecats and true wild cats. While she retains the general markings of her siamese ancestry, Lura has the size, power, and speed of a cougar. She has become attached to Fors and will defend him till death. She often hunts and brings the kill back to camp to split with Fors. She sometimes acts as a long range scout for him, sending him empathic messages of fear, calm, caution, confusion, etc.

Adapted by Tormentor from Daybreak-2250 A.D. by Andre Norton

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