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Name: Claire Underwood
Genotype: Mutated Human
Alliance: Friends of Entropy
Class: Esper
Level: 1 Experience: n/a for NPC
PS:18 DX:7 CN:8MS:11 IN:21 CH:8 SN:18
THAC melee: 3
THAC ranged: -1
AC: 11 = 9 (+2 armor)
HP: 35
Health: 10
Use Artifacts: 5
Perception: 23
Stealth: -1
Remain Unseen: 5
Walk Speed: 11
Swim Speed: 2
Robot Recognition: 18
Additional Stats: +3 strength dam mod

Read/Write: Yes
Swim: No
Ride: No
Identify Mental Power: 4
Photographic Memory: 4
Sense Mental Powers: 4

Physical Mutations (MP) [Description]
Bodily Control (11)

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Magnetic Control (13) 1
Heightened Intelligence
Stunning Force (17) 3
Levitation (10) 0
Force Field Generation (10) 0

Leather Armor (+2 AC)
Daggers (1d4 damage)
2 Fragmentation Grenades (3d6 damage each)
12 Gauge Shotgun
17 Shells (00 Buckshot) (4d6 damage at close range)
Visible Light Laser Rifle (4d6 damage, +3 THAC, 4 shots from Chemical Cell)
1 Solar Power Cell
Blowgun (1d4 damage)
Whip (1d4 damage)
11 doses of Intensity 15, Destructive Poison
5 days dried rations
60 ft hemp rope

Claire belongs to the Red Death unit "Sisters of Pain". This crazed group is operating around the ruins of Bowman and is led by Ellen Alexander.

Because of her intelligence, Ellen views Claire almost as an examiner. Claire is indeed, very adept at discovering the uses of ancient artifacts. Ellen has allowed Claire to have the laser and shotgun because she feels Claire is so important to their mission.

While Claire's low Dexterity and Constitution hamper her, her mutations and deadly Intelligence make her a dangerous woman.

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