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The Beast Lord Draffut's Profile

Name: The Beast Lord Draffut
Genotype: Mutated Bear
Alliance: None
Class: Enforcer
Level: 11
Experience: n/a for NPC
THAC melee: 17
THAC ranged: 15
AC: 19
MD: 10
HP: 170
Health: 13
Use Artifacts: 2
Perception: 19
Stealth: 6
Remain Unseen: 2
Walk Speed: 19
Bipedal Speed: 14
Swim Speed: 8
Robot Recognition: 14
Additional Stats: +6 strength melee damage modifier

Read/Write: Yes
Swim: Yes
Ride: No
Combat Leadership: 10
Makeshift Weapon/Armor 16
Size-Up Opponent 18

Human Characteristics
Manipulate Tools
Humanoid Speech

Natural Attacks/Abilities
Claw/Claw/Bite attacks for 1d10/1d10/2d6
Heightened Smell
Heightened Hearing

Physical Mutations [Description] (MP)
Heightened Dexterity
Immunity [Draining/Life Leech]
Immunity [Poisons/Chemicals]
Transfusion (28)
Regeneration (28)
Energy Metamorphosis [Heat/Fire] (26)
Energy Absorption [Radiation] (28)

Mental Mutations (MP) MHAC
Total Healing (23) (+8)

Life Force Detector
Medkit VI
12 Toxin Neutralizers
Geiger Counter
Atomic Power Cell
Alembic Canteen
12 Cur-In-Dose
12 Anti-Radiation Serum
Book: Reader's Digest Field Guide to North American Medicinal Herbs
12 Rad Badges

Life Story
The gargantuan mutated Beast Lord Draffut is in essence almost a "flesh elemental". He is the protector and healer of man and beast. He is the largest known mutated bear ever encountered.

While not aligned with the White Hand, The Beast Lord Draffut, exhibits the compassion of the Healers in regards to pure strain humans, altered humans, sentient animals, and non-sentient animals.

Draffut will not harm man or beast without provocation, but will defend himself and other humans and animals against dangers, radiation, and disease. Predatory Sentient Plants, Aliens, and quasi-supernatural forces have been destroyed by Draffut in his defense of human and animal life.

What most saddens The Beast Lord is the conflict between the human and animal Cryptic Alliances. He only truly cooperates occasionally with the White Hand, although the Healers are too pacifistic for his tastes. He also cannot tolerate the Healers compassion towards sentient plants. He will, however, heal the wounded of all the human and animal Alliances, even if they were sadly engaged in killing each other.

He has a mysterious, seemingly endless supply of very advanced technology, but only uses that which is beneficial to his healing endeavors. Although he has not allowed anyone else to discover the location, it is known that The Beast Lord does have access to a secret Ancient installation equipped with AutoSurgeons, Medi-Bots, Rejuv Chambers, Stasis Chambers, and a fabled Life Chamber which he has used when necessary and possible. Of course, he uses tranquilizers so that those rejuvinated there have no memory of the location of the facility.

Adapted by Tormentor from Fred Saberhagen's novel Empire of the East

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