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Picture of NPC

Umber Hulk

Perception: 17
Stealth: -2
Remain Unseen: 12
AC: (18) 12
MD: 14
Health: 15
Land Speed: 12
Burrowing Speed: 11 (loose fill)
Burrowing Speed: 7 (regular fill)
Burrowing Speed: 1 (solid stone)
Level: 6
Hit Dice: 18 (63)
THAC: +6 (also see Combat below)
Attacks: 3
Claw: 1d8+6
Claw: 1d8+6
Mandibles: 1d6+2 (clamp and lacerate)
2d8+6 (gore)
4d6+8 (charge)
or Teeth: 1d10+6
INT: Average
Morale: 14
Size: Average 2.43 meters (8 feet) tall
and 1.52 meters (5 feet) wide
2,041 kg (4,500 lbs) in weight
XP: 1800
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Solitary/Mated Pairs
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Tech Level: 0
Artifacts: B
Climate/Terrain: Underground

Physical Mutations

Total Carapace (18)
Nocturnal (D)
Heightened Smell
Heightened Hearing
Heightened Touch

Mental Mutations
Confusion (16)


Umber Hulks are large bipedal creatures with 2 sets of eyes. They have huge
mandibles, reminiscent of giant Stag Beetles. They are black in overall
color, and their jagged mandibles and claws blend into a discolored ivory.

The Umber Hulk is the rhinoceros of the subterranean world. They are
in a constant state of rage, burrowing around in eternal search of prey.

With their wicked claws, they burrow through loose earth at an alarming rate,
and even through solid stone at an unbelievable pace.

The creatures are fearless, except for extremely bright lights, from which
they may flee, depending on their rage or hunger at the moment. Normal light
will only cause the beasts to suffer the sight penalties of their Nocturnal
mutation. (A Photogeneration mutation attack on an Umber Hulk would be at
intensity 1.5 x MP modifier instead of just 1 x MP modifier).

These ferocious beasts use their Confusion mutation whenever possible in
an attempt to immobilize their prey. While they may look like dumb animals,
they are in fact reasonably intelligent, and smart fighters. They have
instictively developed many ways to deal damage to their foes.

The Umber Hulk's claws that are so efficient at rending even stone are also
used to deadly effect in combat. A Hulk's third attack may be by either
mandibles or teeth..never both in the same round.

Teeth: If so desired, a Hulk can spread its mandibles wide enough for them to
miss its prey and thereby deliver an immediate vicious bite with its razor
sharp teeth.

An Umber Hulk may thrust its head in close combat and gore an opponent with
its strong may also choose to deliver a devastating charge

Yet another favorite tactic of the Hulk is to use its mandibles to clamp down
on its victim, lacerating and immobilizing its adversary. If an opponent is
so caught, the Hulk can choose to continue to clutch its prey. In subsequent
rounds where the victim is clutched, the Hulk will be unable to attack with
its engaged mandibles, but will be able to rend with both its claws, and
deliver a savage bite attack, all at +10 THAC instead of the normal +6.

Skilled armorers can cure and shape armor from the hide of the Umber Hulk.
Such armor will give a +6 AC, equivalent of good quality Banded Mail.

Converted by Tormentor from TSR's Advanced D&D Monster Manual.

Illustration by John Traglio

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