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The Pale

Number: 1d4
Perception: 23
Stealth: 3
Remain Unseen: 5
AC: 11
MD: 17
Health: 11
Speed: 13
Level: 7
Hit Dice: 21 (73)
THAC: +2

Attacks: Weapon +2.
INT: Phenomenal
Morale: 16
Size: Average 2 meters in height and 70 kilograms in weight.
XP: 5700
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Night Only
Diet: Special (see description)
Tech Level: V
Artifacts: V
Climate/Terrain: Urban

Mental Mutations
Life Leech (special - see description) (18)
Empathy (13)
Fear Generation (18)
Confusion (16)

Physical Mutations

Nocturnal (D)
Phobia (D) Sunlight
Phobia (D) Huge Open Spaces
Skin Structure Change (D) Albino
Immunity to Draining/Life Leech
Heightened Touch
Diminished Taste (D)
Diminished Smell (D)

Tall, gaunt humanoid race with short torsos and long, spindly limbs. Their
skin is incredibly pallid and their hair is pure white. Their eyes are pink
like an albino's. The Pale are limited by several defects relating to
sunlight. Note, this does not apply to regular light sources, however, since
they are nocturnal hunters they do prefer the dark.

The Pale do not feed like humans, but rather use a special version of life
leech to suck the body heat from their victims. The major difference in the
Pale's version of life leech is that they must be in physical (skin to skin)
contact with their victim, and can only leech from one such victim at a time.
While this version of the mutation is restrictive, it also only requires the
Pale to rest 6 hours before attempting to feed again (3 meals a day)..some
say a moot point unless in a dark underground setting because of their
nocturnal activity cycle. In addition to sustenance, this leeching provides
them with the same healing benefits and extra hit point pool as per the
regular mutation.

The Pale must feed regularly from warm-blooded creatures. Plants and cold-
blooded creatures are therefore immune from this version of life leech.
Non-living sources of heat cannot sustain the Pale.

Rumor has it that some powerful Espers in the Iron Society once captured a
Pale and attempted to keep it alive in a hot tub. The poor creature died of
hypothermia even as it was mostly immersed in the warm water.

While it sounds like the stuff of old vampire legends, some of the craftiest
old Pale will keep victims captive to feed off of them continually, but stop
short of killing them.

The Pale are very intelligent and will use whatever artifacts they find. They
will very often possess several high-tech weapons/armor they have taken from
their victims. While they prefer stun weapons, tanglers, paralytic poisons,
etc, they will also carry deadly weapons for their defense. A Pale will
always have at least one Tech V weapon.

Converted by Tormentor from GDW's Dark Conspiracy game.

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