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Sand Spider

Number: 3d6
Perception: 16
Stealth/RU: +4
AC: 14
MD: 12
Health: 14
Speed: 12
Level: 4
Hit Dice: 7 (25)
THAC: +4
Attacks: 1
INT: Low to Average
Morale: 10
Size: M+
XP: 270
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Tribal
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Tech Level: I
Artifacts: E
Climate/Terrain: Desert

Mental Mutations:
Physical Mutations:
Paralytic Poison (Intensity 16)
Special Powers:
Due to Multiple Limbs they have a +5 Dex. vs. being knocked down. Climbing attempts are 1 difficulty level easier.
Description: Sand Spiders are a race of large, sentient tarantulas who roam the deserts of the southwest. They stand approximately 6' tall, with a head and torso rising above a spider-like thorax.
Their lower four limbs are used for locomotion, while their upper limbs have grasping ends and can manipulate simple tools with ease. Their heads are those of giant spiders, and their mandibles produce a foul, green venom which can keep a target paralyzed for extended periods. Short wiry hair, usually reddish-brown, covers their entire bodies which are usually a light brown color.

Sand spiders live in a series of loose nomadic tribes, wandering accross the desert in search of food. Their padded lower limbs allow them to move accross the shifting sand with ease, and they can bury themselves for hours without having to come up for air. They hunt various Mutie Desert Beasts, using pit traps and snares like trapdoor spiders. They often use spears and other sharp objects made of salvaged metals; they coat such weapons with their paralyzing poison, making it easier to bring down their prey. Once it has been subdued, they can then drain it of its vital juices at their leisure.

While Mutie Desert Beasts form the bulk of their diet, humans are considered a delicacy, and they occasionally pursue lone travelers for a tasty meal. Despite this gruesome addition to their cuisine, they rarely trouble humans in large groups. Several desert communities have even formed alliances with the strange creatures. Sand-Spiders can be useful in disposing of local monsters, and often acquire useful equipment from their victims. Humanoid towns sometimes trade with them, or "hire" roaming bands to kill troublesome monsters in the area. The less savory ones also trade prisoners for the spiders to use in their feasts. Travelers spending the night in lonely townships had best take care.

Culture: Sand Spiders have developed a culture of sorts, based on a figure they call the "Egg Sac Mother." They often pray for her guidance in their strange hissing tongue, and set aside certain days of the year in supplication to her.

Converted from Deadlands: Hell on Earth accessory; Monsters, Muties & Misfits by Pinnacle Games

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