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Rust Monster

Perception: 12
Stealth: 2
Remain Unseen: 3
AC: 17
MD: 15
Health: 14
Speed: 12
Level: 4
Hit Dice: 10 (35)
THAC: +7

Attacks: 3
Antennae (2) 2d8/2d8 (+ special)
Tail Strike 1d8
INT: Average
Morale: 12
Size: Average 2 meters (6-7 feet) in length and 190 kg (400 lbs) in weight
XP: 1500
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Special (see below)
Tech Level: 0
Artifacts: None
Climate/Terrain: Subterranean/Ancient Ruins

Mental Mutations
Magnetic Control (14)

Physical Mutations

Nocturnal (D)
Partial Carapace
Heightened Smell (special-see below)
Immunity to Corrosives/Acids

Rust monsters are squat, four-legged creatures with a small-beaked mouth,
two large antennae, a lumpy carapace, and a long, armored tail that ends in
two flat, paddle-like clubs. These creatures inhabit subterranean caverns or
ancient ruins where their Ultravision gives them an advantage. They have a
special diet of metal. They prefer ferrous metals such as iron, steel, and
alloys. They can "smell" metal at up to 3 meters away. They will eat coins
such as copper, silver, gold, or domars, but prefer ferrous metals.

The Rust Monster uses its Magnetic Control mutation with deadly efficiency.
It sometimes pulls attracted substances to itself, where it can attack them
immediately, but it is also crafty enough to create the field away from
itself to immobilize attracted adversaries when it is outnumbered.

The Rust Monster will attack or defend itself from other creatures with its
sharp antennae. In addition to the damage these antennae do to the creature/
substance, metal struck by these antennae will instantly begin to corrode
and fall to pieces. This corrosion allows the monster to ingest/digest the
metallic substance. (Note: Duralloy has only a 20% chance (roll percentile
dice) of being corroded, even if it is hit. The tail can also do damage and
is used as a club.

If pursuing prey, the creatures can sometimes be distracted by cast-off metal
such as spikes, or unwanted coins/daggers. If distracted, they will cease
pursuit for one round to devour the cast-off.

Sometimes Rust Monsters can be found hunting in pairs, but they are usually
solitary beasts.

Converted by Tormentor from TSR's Monster Manual.

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