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Picture of NPC


Number: 1d6
Perception: 19
Stealth: 5
Remain Unseen: 7
AC: 13
MD: Immune
Health: 12
Speed: 10
Level: 3
Hit Dice: 8 (29)
THAC: +2

Attacks: 3
Claw/Claw 1d4/1d4 (plus paralytic poison Intensity 10)
Bite 1d8 (plus paralytic poison Intensity 10)
See mutations
INT: Average
Morale: 13
Size: Average 2 feet in height
XP: 900
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Family
Activity Cycle: Nocturnal
Diet: Carnivore
Tech Level: None
Artifacts: I if lair in ruins, W if lair in natural caverns
Climate/Terrain: Ruins, Subterranean

Mental Mutations
Fear Generation (18)
Illusion Generation (14)

Physical Mutations

Nocturnal (D)
Phobia (D) Light from any source
Diminished Sight (D)
Immune to Mental Attacks
Poison: Paralytic (21)
Gas Generation: Stench (11)

Meenlocks are a heavily-mutated abomination of unknown origin. They are 2
foot tall bipedal creatures covered in black, shaggy fur with a prehensile
tail. Their heads are white, cut with dark ridges. They have huge, bulbous,
milky-white eyes and insect-like mandibles. Their hands and feet have three-
toed claws. In total, they present a horrid appearance. Although the Meenlock
has infravision, it's diminished sight limits its range of vision

Meenlocks will usually encounter other creatures as they forage for food at
night or underground (as well as foraging for junk which they cannot use, but
collect and store in small alcoves around their lairs). If an adventurer is
lucky (or unlucky) enough to track one to its lair, the opportunities and
risks are described below.

Meenlocks make their lairs in dark, sealed vertical shafts either in natural
subterranean caverns, or in buried ruins of the ancients. If a sealed shaft
is broken into, the bottom of the shaft will usually be too deep to see with
normal vision. Because the shaft is lined with a spongy moss-like substance,
anything dropped into it will land noiselessly. This moss-like substance is
actually a secretion of the creature that carries a poison of the same
intensity as that delivered by the claw/bite. While the claw/bite poison is
insinuative and must be delivered after inflicting a minimum 1 point of
damage, this secretion poison is delivered by a simple contact vector. The
secretion gains its spongy consistency as layers of it build up over the
years and semi-solidify. Any junk or artifacts stored in the lair will be
covered with this poison as well, and many an adventurer has defeated a
Meenlock, only to be paralyzed while picking up an artifact, then devoured
by the surviving members of the Meenlock's family.

If their lair is invaded, Meenlocks will use every mutation at their
disposal, to scare, intimidate, trick, devolve, or gas their opponent(s)
into running away. If forced to fight, Meenlocks will defend their lairs
to the death. Meenlocks forage and hunt in packs and will attempt to use
their mental mutations to bombard, confuse, and overcome intelligent

Converted by Tormentor from TSR's Fiend Folio tome

Illustration by John Traglio

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