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Number:2d6(guerrilla team)/3d20+20(clan)
Perception: 11
Stealth: 7
Remain Unseen: 7
AC: 13
MD: 19
Health: 16
Land Speed: 9
Flying Speed: 26
Level: 5
Hit Dice: 9 (32)
THAC: +6

Attacks: 3
Claw/Claw 1d6/1d6
Bite 1d4
Weapon +2
See mutations
INT: Superior
Morale: 9
Size: Average 5 1/2 feet in height
XP: 5000
Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Clan
Activity Cycle: Day
Diet: Carnivore
Tech Level: IV
Artifacts: W
Climate/Terrain: Tropical or Temperate

Mental Mutations
Illusion Generation (15) +2MHAC
Telepathy (12)

Physical Mutations

Shapechange (17)
Electrical Generation (12)

Kenku are bipedal, mutated hawks. They are excellent thieves and skilled
warriors. They also have a burning racial hatred for the Ranks of the Fit.

Kenku are of superior intelligence, and they have forged a relatively high-
tech society. Legends tell of a time when all the clans were one, and all
Kenku lived together in one place of the ancients. According to legend,
modern Kenku society evolved as it is from one of their most powerful
ancestral rulers named Belushi. Belushi is said to have received a great
vision from the ancients, revealing to him how to strengthen his people to
defend against the Badders and Carrins who were slowly encroaching on their
lands.(The legends are true: Belushi found a cache of old video discs of
ninja and samauri movies, as well as instructional videos in martial arts).
He was instantly enamoured by them and saw their value.

Soon the already skilled weaponsmiths had figured out how to craft their
high-quality weapons in the shapes of katanas, wakizashi, and nunchaku.
While the weaponsmiths did not know all the ancient secrets to create exact
versions of these venerable weapons, Kenku arms are nonetheless excellent.
The armies were taught martial arts and the use of new weapons. Because of
Belushi's foresight, (and the skill of his army leaders who turned video
into army drill), the Kenku were able to sucessfully defend their homeland
and quality of life for more than two centuries.

It was not until the hordes of the Ranks of the Fit swarmed into their
homelands, that the Kenku were defeated in a major battle. They refused to
accept the rule of the Ranks. While the Kenku were technologically superior
and were better warriors, their numbers were small (because of low societal
reproductive rates) in comparison to the animal wave of the Ranks.

Those Kenku who escaped formed themselves into clans who now wander the
ravaged lands, attempting to destroy and disrupt all operations of the
Ranks of the Fit. Of course, they have found there are plenty of other
enemies whom they must fight for survival.

While they possess and use many high-tech artifacts, they prefer their
oriental-style weapons. Kenku favor quarterstaffs and katanas. The clans are
excellent guerrilla fighters. They communicate on a telepathic level and use
their shapechange and illusion generation to infiltrate the enemy's ranks and
cause confusion/mayhem. Their electrical generation gives them the edge in
many fights, and an even more fearsome reputation...their foes have learned
to fear the lightning katana.

Converted by Tormentor from TSR's Fiend Folio tome.

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