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Picture of NPC


Number: 2d20+10
Perception: 7
Stealth: 0
Remain Unseen: -1
AC: 10
MD: 9
Health: 13
Land Speed: 12
Level: 1
Hit Dice: 4 (14)
THAC: +1
Attacks: 1
Weapon +1
INT: Semi
Morale: 13
Size: Average (4-5 feet tall)
XP: 100
Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Pack
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Carnivore
Tech Level: 0
Artifacts: C
Climate/Terrain: Subterranean and Ruins

Physical Mutations MP
Skin Structure Change(D): Albino
Body Change(D): Elongated Arms
Body Change(D): Hunchback

Mental Mutations MP MHAC
Fear Generation (14) (+1)
Phobia: Bright Lights
Phobia: Fire

Gibberlings are short, pale, very hairy, hunchbacked humanoid mutants. The
mutants have very low intelligence, fear fire and bright light, and do not
wear clothing. Their only known use of tools or technology are simple
bludgeons which they may find among ruins, forests at night, or among the gear
of their fallen foes.

Gibberlings have been known to use large clubs, sticks, pipes, maces, baseball
bats, parking meters...anything that is handy. Any weapon they use will only
be employed as a bludgeon, for that is the only way they can conceive of
utilizing such a tool. This means that if a Gibberling were to obtain an
energy mace or even a black ray rifle, for example, the weapons would not be
powered, regardless of their charge level. A Gibberling swinging the artifact
treasure of a black ray rifle would still only inflict 1d6 damage as if it
were a simple club.

If Gibberlings bearing such artifacts were to be killed, the GM should
determine the condition of the artifacts, taking into account their abuse as
bludgeons. The victors might find a great high-tech artifact weapon, or a
ruined piece of junk that once was a mighty weapon.

Gibberlings attack in humanoid waves, fearlessly using their bludgeons
and weight of their numbers to bring down their foes. Their strong Fear
Generation mutation, engaged by great numbers of the mutants, can send
even the bravest wasteland warrior running in panic. Gibberlings are very
aggressive and will attack almost any creature that wanders into their
territory. The crazed mutants emit wild howls and insane chattering noises
as they attack, adding to their fear factor.

It is unknown whether the Gibberlings' intense fear of light and fire is
the cause, or the symptom of their underground habitat. Some Gibberling
packs have been known to inhabit Ancient ruins which are deep enough to
hide them from the daylight. Caves and sewer systems are favorite dwelling
places of the ferocious mutants. While their organization might be designated
as a pack, it is an anarchistic pack, for packs have no apparent leader. This
lack of leadership does not mean a lack of concerted will, however, for their
strong survival and agressive combat instincts hold the pack together.

Adapted by Tormentor from TSR's "Fiend Folio"

Illustration by John Traglio

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