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Desert Runner

Number: 1d12
Perception: 18
Stealth/RU: +5
AC: 17 (15)
MD: 12
Health: 12
Speed: 18
Level: 2
Hit Dice: 7 (25)
THAC: +5
Attacks: 2 or 1 1d6 +1 (claws), or by weapon.
INT: Low to Genius
Morale: 13
Size: 6' to 7' tall, 150-200 lbs.
XP: 175
Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Pack
Activity Cycle: Day
Diet: Omnivore
Tech Level: II
Artifacts: U
Climate/Terrain: Desert & Wilderness

Mental Mutations:
Directional Sense
Physical Mutations:
Heightened DEX
Heightened PS
Energy Absorption (15) cold
Heightened Sight
Heightened Hearing

Description: A humanoid race with mixtures of canine & feline with a basic human form. Like wolves they can lope on all fours for days, yet like cats they have long claws for fighting. Tool use is not hindered by the claws since they are retractable. The body is elongated and light, its legs able to propel the desert runner by great leaps. The toes are webbed and tipped with long, retractable talons. The webs, covered with tufts of hair, make ideal sand shoes. The chest is deep and covered with powerful muscles. A silky mane of hair covers the head and upper body, often decorated with braids and interwoven trinkets.They are also Natural swimmers.
External Covering: Short, thick fur, in shades of rust red of ocher yellow for better camouflaging.
Eyes: Large,catlike , black or green.
Ears: Large, rising to points on either side of the skull.
Mouth: Wide, generous, with long fangs and normal human teeth.
Nose: Short, pug-shaped, with slits that close to keep out dust.

Culture: Desert runners are socially grouped in extended packs. These packs are usually ruled by two or three packmasters- large males who have ascended to dominance the hard way. Competition within packs is fierce and bloody. Packs are nomadic, living in a similar fashion to the Plains Indians of the 18th and 19th Century. Pack members live in portable tents designed to be buried during fierce dust storms. Most runners wear leather body armor crafted from the hides of the beasts they shepherd and decorated with copper ornaments and jewelry.

Combat: Desert runners use simple weapons- crossbows, knives and an occasional bit of tech that they've picked up.

Taken from Buck Rogers RPG (No Humans Allowed) TSR.

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