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Number: 1d10
Perception: 11
Stealth: 4
Remain Unseen: 4
AC: 14
MD: 12
Health: 15
Speed: 11
Level: 4
Hit Dice: 5 (18)
THAC: +4

Attacks: 3
Bite 1d8
Weapon +1
See mutations
INT: Very
Morale: 10
Size: Average 4 feet in height
XP: 500
Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Tribal
Activity Cycle: Nocturnal
Diet: Carnivore
Tech Level: II
Artifacts: W
Climate/Terrain: Bodies of water in ruins or in natural Subterranean areas

Mental Mutations

Physical Mutations

Nocturnal (D)
Photogeneration: Eyes (18)
Skin Structure Change (D): Water Dependent
Energy Reflection: Lasers (14)

Blindheim are subterranean frog-like humanoids with huge eyes. Blindheim are
colored in varying shades of yellow, the darker shades on their backs
contrast with lighter shades on their bellies. If the eyes of a dead
Blindheim are opened, they will be dull gold in color.

Blindheim are dependent on water for their sensitive skins. They can be found
around underground water sources in either ruins or in natural cavern
systems. They are nocturnal and will occasionally venture above ground
(not too far from water) for very brief night hunts seeking meat to
supplement their regular diet of fish.

While the Blindheim have sensitive skin, this skin also protects them as it
is capable of reflecting laser energy. Their natural mode of attack is to
attempt to beguile a creature into coming in range of their photogenerative
eyes. These eyes emit powerful light to attempt to blind their opponent.
While their tribal society is capable of producing limited tech II weapons,
it is not uncommon for Blindheim in ruins to find artifact weapons. They
will use any smaller artifact weapon they can master.

Converted by Tormentor from TSR's Fiend Folio tome.

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