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Black Faerie

Perception: 16
Stealth: 7
Remain Unseen: 8
AC: 12
MD: 18
Health: 13
Land Speed: 1
Flying Speed: 20
Level: 6
Hit Dice: 13 (45)
THAC: +3

Attacks: 3
Bite/Bite: 1d6/1d6
Spiny Tail Strike: 1d6
INT: High
Morale: 9
Size:Average 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length and 135 kg (300 lbs) in weight
XP: 5000
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Solitary/Tribal
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Lils, supplemented by other warm-blooded mammals
Tech Level: 0
Artifacts: L
Climate/Terrain: Temperate/tropical forest/jungle

Mental Mutations
Fear Generation (12)
Telekinetic Flight(17)
Confusion (11)
Devolution (17)
Mental Blast (15)

Physical Mutations

Nocturnal (D)
Night Vision
Immunity to Draining/Life Leech
Immunity to Debilitative Poison
Immunity to Destructive Poison
Body Change (Vestigial Wings)
Heightened Smell
Chameleon Power (15)
Energy Absorption-Fire/Heat (13)
Energy Absorption-Cold (13)
Regeneration (14)
Hands (stubs) of Power-Microwave Heat (18)

Black faeries are not really faeries, but are called so because of their
staple diet...Lils. When a black faerie is unable to catch (or find) enough
Wee Ones to satisfy its nutritional needs, it will seek other warm-blooded
sentient mammals. While it may not turn to other creatures for its diet,
this monster hates ALL creatures, and will attempt to torture, maim, and
kill for sport any that it finds.

The black faerie's torso looks like that of a bloated, ebony maggot, sparsely
covered with spikes. The head appears to be just another mis-shapened lump
with two gaping, fang-filled mouths and three tiny eyes. The black faeries
usually have between 6-8 so-called arms/legs. These appendages are simply
long stumps with no fingers, toes, or claws...just a few spikes like the
ones covering the torso. The monster has a pair of vestigial wings covered
with tiny bristles. A prehensile tail thinly covered with spikes appears to
be one of the creature's few ways to physically manipulate objects.

The creature has a whole host of offensive and defensive mutations at its
disposal. Its spikes give it a little extra edge in close-in grappling combat
(a rare thing, as the monster prefers to immobilize from long range) and
then close in for the kill).

Very infrequently, black faeries can be found hunting in pairs, or even more
rarely living in a tribe of 3-8 members. The creature tends to collect in its
lair only artifacts stolen from its Lil victims, none of which it uses.

Converted by Tormentor from Palladium's Rifts SourceBook

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