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STR: 18 (d4+16)
DEX: 12 (2d4+7)
CON: 15 (d8+10)
INT: 3 (Animal 9 or 2d4+4)
WIL: 9 (d4+6)
PER: 1 (Animal 4 or 2d4)

No. Appearing: 1 (Usually solitary)
Durability: as Con x 1. 5
Move: Run 20 Walk 8 Sprint 30
Reaction Score: Ordinary/2
Action Check: 13+/12/6/3
# Actions: 3

Claw 20/10/5 d4w/d4+2w/d4m LI/O
Bite 19/9/4 d4w/d6+2w/d4m LI/O

+3 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks
+1 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armor: d6+1 (LI)/ d6 (HI)/ d8-3 (En)

Special Abilities:
Camouflage: In artic climates the wampa gains a +3 step bonus to sneak.
Attempts to fire upon the Wampa at range suffer a 1 step penalty. The Wampa
also has a heat-diffusing body giving the Wampa a 2 step bonus when
attempting to sneak vs. sensors.
Adaptation, Environmental ; Artic.
Howling: Wampa howls are a rudimentary form of communication that allows
Wampas to coordinate attacks. These howls are virtually indistinguishable
from the sound of howling winds.

Skills: Athletics (18) -climb (20), Unarmed Attack (18) -brawl (20), Stamina
(15) -endurance( 21) , Stealth (12) -hide (14), -sneak (15); Awareness
(9) -perception (12), -intuition(12); Resolve (9) -physical (14),
Investigate (9) -Track (Artic only)(17).

Just when you thought it was safe to build a snowman. The elusive Wampa
is a viscious snow predator with a near legendary reputation. The Wampa is
a two to
three meter tall carnivorous beast that leads a solitary existence for most
of its life. Equipped with powerful claws and sharp teeth, the two-legged
predator takes advantage of its white fur to hide in the snowy background of
the frozen plains of it's native habitat, stalking its prey without being
detected until it is too late.
Wampas feed primarily on Tauntauns, but they must often cover more than
a hundred kilometers across the barren landscape in order to find
sustenance. Captured animals - or humanoids, as it occasionally happens -
are stored, alive, in the Wampas' ice caves for later needs.

Conversion from Star Wars. Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.
Conversion by Brutorz Bill with constructive criticism by Derek Holland.

Addendum : Derek recommeded adding Mind Shield to the beasts abilities,
since it did sneak up on Luke. I think it was more due to Luke not being a
full Jedi yet + the Beast has some nasty sneak bonuses in the snow. Feel
free to add the ability if you wish.

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