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Stench Kow

STR 13 (2d4+8)
DEX 9 (d4+6)
CON 14 (2d4+10)
INT 1 (Animal 1-4 or d4+[0-2])
WIL 8 (d4+6)
PER 1 (Animal 1-4 or d4+[0-2])

Durability 21/21/10/10
AC 10+//9/4/2

Movement sprint 22, run 14, walk 4.

Reaction Score: Marginal/1 (Charge: Good/1)

# Actions : 2


Charge 14/7/3 d8+1s/d12+1s/d8+1w LI/O

Gore/Trample 14/7/3 d8s/d6w/d6+1w LI/O


+2 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

no resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

+ Stench (See below)

also see Mutations/Powers for additional Immunities.

Armor : d6+1 (LI)/d4 (HI)/d4-1 (EN)

Movement (14 )
Stamina (14 ) -endurance (16 )
Awareness ( 8 ) -intuition ( 10 )
Resolve ( 8 ).

Immunity to Poisons (including poison gas)
Radiation Tolerance
Adaptation, Environment-Cold & Hot. Highly Resistant to Fire (flame attacks
suffer a 2 step penalty vs. Stench Kine).

When many creatures developed thick carapaces and/or powerful attack forms
in order to survive, the Stench Kow took a different "evolutionary" approach.
The beasts became so foul in both smell and taste that no predator in it's
right mind would even think of approaching a Stench Kine herd, much less
eating one of them.

Stench Kine resemble huge, misshapen bison. Bulls have large humps over the
shoulders, and cows have smaller ones. Horns are long and downward curving.
Heads are huge with pugged features, large round eyes and lolling heads.
Coloration is a dull orange with greenish, matted manes.

Stench Kine are the cattle of the wastelands. They roam the reeking
polluted plains and wastes of Gamma Terra. These odorous beasts form great
herds, grazing on poisonous plant life that would kill other creatures. A
herd will contain 5-30 young, but the young have no attack form. For every
5 beasts encountered one will be a bull. The bulls are the more aggressive
members of the herd and will defend the herd if necessary.

For the most part the Stench Kow prefer to be left alone grazing on their
preferred diet of fetid plant life, however , if they feel threatened they
will charge the offending person, attempting to Gore/Trample the foe and
then move off. This is usually enough, because by then the intruder is
affected by the beasts smell. In close quarters, the odor of their breath
and bodies is so foul that a Constitution feat check must be made in order
to avoid vomiting. Even those who successfully resist the initial effects
of the smell , must make additional checks for every 3 turns in the creatures
range. Those affected by nausea will be driven to leave the presence of the
beast(s), and will be only able to perform the most basic of actions (minimal
defense, walking, etc...), until beyond the smell of the beast.

Biome : Polluted Plains and Wastelands

Encounter chance : Possible

Group size : 15-60

Org : Herd

Niche : Herbivore

IQ : Low Animal

Adapted by Brutorz Bill

Based on a creature in TSR's Monster Manual II.

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