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Squirrel, Carnivorous Flying

STR: 6 (d4+4)
DEX: 12 (2d6+4)
CON: 4 (d4+2)
INT: 1 (Animal 1-4 or d4+[0-2])
WIL: 8 (2d4+3)
PER: 1 (Animal 1-4 or d4+[0-2])

No. Appearing: 3-18

Durability: 4/4/2/2

Move: Sprint 14, Walk 4, Glide 22

Reaction Score: Good/1

Action Check: 15+/14/7/3

# Actions: 1

Bite 10/5/2 d4s/d4-1w/d4+1w

If the beast achieves surprise on its first attack it receives a +1 step
bonus to it's initial attack roll.

+1 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks
+3 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armor: d6-2 (LI)/d4-2 (HI)/d6-4 (EN)

Athletics(6)-climb(12), -jump(12)
Acrobatics (12)-fall(16)
Awareness(8) -perception (10)
Stamina (4)

Background & Description
Size: S (1/2' long)
When Armageddon came, many plants and animals either died or adapted. The
Flying Squirrel is one of those that adapted to the changing surroundings.
Losing thier normal diet. The Squirrels mutated into carnivorous predators.
The hunted became the hunters, and woe be to any being or creature that
stumbles into their habitat. Even Grens are cautious when traversing through
woodlands populated by these predators.

Flying Squirrels "fly" by means of loose folds of skin on the inside of
their fore and rear legs. In fact, they can only glide and cannot gain
altitude once they have jumped. Their range is 5 feet for every foot of
altitude from which they jump (usually a tree). They attack only when they
have 2 to 1 odds or better. In their lair, a tree top nest, there can
occasionally be found items of value; gems, coins or other such items that
are bright and shiney. Thus, they could never have armor, most weapons, etc.
Treasure is incidental only.

Converted from TSR's Monster Manual II.

Conversion by Brutorz Bill.

I had a lot of fun using these on my players. I know they are not mega
monsters, but something about a swarm of cuddly squirrels ambushing the
group from the trees was very disconcerting to them. B.B.

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