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Duck (Anatanthropos donaldi)

STR 8-15
DEX 4-13
CON 6-14
INT 4-14
WIL 4-14
PER 4-14

dur as CON Action Check : 11+/10/5/2

Mov : Walk 4 , Run 10 , Swim 8 # act. 2

RS Marginal /1


Weapon as weapon


variable defenses

Armor (feathers equate to soft leather armor) d6-2 (LI), d6-4 (HI), d6-4 (En)

Free Broad Skills

Movement, Athletics, Stamina, Knowledge, Awareness, Interaction

Mutations/powers/ Racial abilities:

Hold Breath (for 2d6 +6 minutes, rolled at character creation)
Adaptation, Environment : Cold (as described in Players Handbook)
Resistance to Waterborne Diseases (4 step bonus on all Con. feat checks
vs. waterborne diseases)
Natural Swimmers (starts with a base swim move of 8,
then advances as per normal rules).

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws

Ducks cannot hide very well, and are not overly stealthy (2 step penalty to
all stealth related skill checks)

Ducks cannot ride horses/camels/llamas etc, because of their build, and
consequently many ducks walk or ride carts, although some warrior ducks rely
on chariots, and the wealthiest of course rely on pallets, litters, etc..

Desc :

Ducks are not ducks at all, actually. Rather they are small to medium sized,
feathered humanoids with webbed feet and bills. Ducks have arms rather than
wings, and consequently cannot fly. Ducks come in many different color
patterns, but are all of the same species and can interbreed. Ducks are not
vegetarians, but omnivores, although their preference is for raw vegetables
and undercooked meat. Ducks drink copiously, preferring mead and ale to wine
and brandy.

Size: 4-5' tall
Weight: 100-150 lbs. (fairly muscular).
Average Lifespan: 150 - 200 years. Maturing around 15-20 and remaining alert
and able for most of their lives.

The favored weapon of the duck is the long sword, or the bow, although in
coastal village areas spears have been seen as well. This does not preclude
other weapons, with the obvious penalties for length and weight. Ducks are
short and squat, and do not wield overlong, heavy weapons well.

Ducks live peacefully along rivers, in marshes, and in hamlets, adventurers
can be found anywhere.

Their culture is organized similar to humans, and their are many duck-human
mixed communities, they make their livings as swamp guides, boatmen,
fishermen and merchants."(and WARRIORS claims the deathdrake)."

There is rumored to be a lost expedition of explorer ducks that migrated to
the mountains but besides rumor nothing is known of them. If true, these
ducks would undoubtedly have adapted to their terrain, possibly with new
natural abilities, like infravision, and wielding more appropriate weapons,
like maces, hammers and clubs.

Optional Gamma Terra Notes:
Many of these mutant ducks believe they came from another world. They
revere their ancient ancestor "Howard the Duck", refer to humans as
"hairless apes", smoke cigars whenever they can, chase after human women
and are skilled in a form of power martial arts : "Quak Fu." (sorry guys
I couldn't resist).

Additional notes if used in a Magic Setting (D&D etc..)
Ducks are magical creatures, the first ducks believed to have been created
long ago by some mad magician. Ducks are intelligent and in some cases wise
creatures (owing to their extended lifespan) and have an affinity for
natural magics. Ducks make good magicians, druids, clerics; poor
necromancers, sorcerers etc. In Star Wars parlance, Yoda would make an
exceptional duck. Unfortunately, this magical affinity has a downside.
Ducks will always be detected by a Detect Magic spell (subject to regular
penalites, and assuming no stronger countermagic spell is active).

Biome : rivers & marshes.

Encounter chance : Unlikely

Group size : Varies

Org : Community

Niche: Top level omnivore

IQ : Sentient

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from Runequest, Copyrighted by Chaosium, My sincerest thanks to
Richard Smith ,who provided the bulk of the info on Runequest Ducks

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