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STR 6-15 (3d4+3)
DEX 4-14 (2d6+2)
CON 6-16 (2d6+4)
INT 4-14 (2d6+2)
WIL 5-15 (2d6+3)
PER 3-13 (3d4+1)

dur as CON AC 11+/10/5/2

Mov : walk 6 swim 15 # act. 2

RS O/1


Bite variable d4s/d4+2s/d4w +STR bonuses (LI/O)

Weapon as weapon


armor d6 (LI), d4-1 (HI), d6-2 (En)

variable defenses

Free Broad Skills

Environmental Adaptation : Extreme Pressure Environment,
Immune to the coldness of the Ocean depths,

Major physical change : clearly non-human (hairless, blubbery gray skin,
baleen ridged mouth, gills, webbed toes).
Environmental Intolerance : Unable to approach the upper surface world,
without special pressure suits, which they don't have. If a depthine
attempts to surface without such protection, his body expands and ruptures
above a depth of 10,000 feet, killing the humanoid. Depthine bodies were
designed to withstand pressure without any regard to their ability to
surface. This oversight was specificallly designed in order to assure
compliance with their predetermined function.

Depthines are genetically engineered humans specifically tailored to live on
the ocean floor. Depthines were created by the Ancients to monitor the
ecological disasters believed to exist far beneath Earth's waves. The
depthines' original function was to correct any ecological trauma they
found, such as cleaning up trash and pollutants. They were also designed to
monitor and aid any lifeforms harmed by the effects of human existence.
Depthines look similar to humans, except for hairless skin, a thick grayish
hide, gills, longer fingers, and webbed toes which grant them easier
maneuverability underwater.

Depthines attack with weapons such as ivory daggers or with multi-bladed
scimitars. They have a bite attack, but this is not a preferred attack form.
(Their ivory daggers and scimitars are constructed from the bones of whales,
dolphins, and other sea creatures that drift down to their world from the
seas above them.)

Ocean Floor. Depthines live in huge underwater cities vaguely resembling
the Mesa Verde Indian dwellings in south-western Colorado. These genetically
altered humans, forced to live at the bottom of the oceans, have little hope
of reaching the surface to communicate with other humans. They can only wait
for the surface folk to come to them.

Depthines are a very peaceful race, but yearn for outside contact. Their
language is a variant of pre-cataclysmic English, with high-pitched
inflections and velar clicks added to carry their voices long distances
underwater. Each depthine community needs the continued efforts of every
person to survive. Many spend time hunting for food for the community, while
some maintain a proctective perimeter around the arcology. The elders of the
communities are the leaders; the older the individual, the higher his

Biome Ocean Floor

Encounter chance : Slim

Group size : 3d20

Org : Community

Niche: Top level omnivore

IQ : sentient

Converted from No Humans Allowed (XXVc game)

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

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