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Bors looked up ahead at their pathetic guide, a slim, dark haired, little
woman, hardly worth a second glance. Still she was human and knew these
woods inside and out. These woods were now within the domain of The Order of
the Red Square. The Purists would cleanse this forest of its mutant taint.
The green men would no longer be permitted to dwell here. They would be
driven out or killed, preferably the latter. It disturbed him that their
Podogs were left at the woods edge, still the guide was probably right,
they would have been too difficult to bring through the thick , trap ridden

The guide froze, raised her slender fist in the air, indicating they should
stop. Tristan nervously looked about, hand grasping his worn slug-thrower.
The woman indicated a trap was ahead. She carefully guided the group of
knights around it and several others.

Bors smiled, the woman was worth it after all. Maybe when all this was over
with, he'd give her a "little reward".. (grin)... Tristan breathed a sigh of
relief, he was the youngest of the group, this was his first real mission for
the Knights of Genetic Purity. Lancer and Balin bringing up the rear, eyed
the youth, he was too young for this mission, but their Lord had insisted
they bring him along.

They came to a curious old wall of rubble in the middle of the forest.
It was obviously ancient, covered in vines and.....Suddenly the vines sprung
to life! Tristan screamed! Balin fell dead riddled with arrows, Lancer was
barely visible covered in the tentacle like vines. Everything seemed to be
moving in slow motion, then Bors saw their guide, at some point she had
removed her boots, and with an inhuman grace raced up the wall, as though
gravity didn't exist. Bors screamed in rage. They had been set-up, the woman
was a filthy mutant! He raised his rifle, aiming at the woman's departing
figure, but before he could even pull the trigger, arrows pierced his throat
and heart. Bors fell dead amidst the thrashing vines. Tristan dropped his
pistol and ran with all his might out of the forest. If only he could reach
the Podogs!

The Gren elder moved towards the woman. "You have done us a great service
this day. Your debt to us is repayed." The woman nodded, her legs still
trembling from the conflict, she was no warrior. "I must leave this region
now, one escaped. They now know what I am." With that the Arachnin turned
and made her way nimbly through the forest, no sound was heard at her passing.


STR 4-11
DEX 10-17
CON 4-10
INT 4-14
WIL 4-14
PER 4-13

dur as CON AC 13+/12/6/3

Mov : run 12 walk 4 climb 12 # act. 2

RS O/1


Weapon as weapon


no resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

variable defenses

Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth , Knowledge, Awareness, Interaction

Mutations/powers/ Racial abilities:
(Mental Mutations are possible but are rare), Night Vision, Adhesive
production (hands and feet can produce a clear sticky compound, giving a
+3 step bonus to all attempts at climbing and retaining their grip, it also
enables them to climb at a remarkably fast pace), Stealth Bonus: Arachnin
gain a 1 step bonus to Stealth - sneak checks.

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws:
Reduced Ability Score, slight : Con.
Distinctive Looks (frail build, long fingers, strange eyes, not enough
for the Minor physical change drawback, but different none the less).

Telltale signs of an Arachnin are short, dark hair, long, dextrous fingers,
and slight builds. These people have dark eyes that seem to glow an
unearthly hue of green in the dark of night. Their skin tends to be light
brown, though there are albinos, complete with white hair and pink eyes.

Arachnins are not a combative race, they seek to coexist with those races
that are around them. Arachnins lack the physical stature of many other
races, so, they prefer to use ranged attacks and stealth when fighting.
Even the Grens are impressed with the abilities of Arachnins to come and go
without attracting notice. They seldom wear armor, but when they do, it
tends to be light weight. If forced to melee, Arachnins employ light, quick
weapons. Arachnin Espers are rare, and usually only occur among albinos of
their race.

Humid, Temperate forests and grasslands near civilized areas.

As a race they are relatively weak, being solitary creatures and lacking a
racial social order. Most Arachnins seek to secretly integrate themselves
into human or humanoid societies. It is believed that if two individuals of
this race encounter one another, the younger will yield and move on. During
the Frishlon (a mating ritual that begins during the 3rd month of the new
year), they seek mates to procreate.

To date the Sleeth Sage, Aristocles, is the foremost expert on Arachnins.
He readily admits that there is still much to learn. They are highly
intelligent and dextrous, but fragile in comparison to other races.
Arachnins can climb the most impossible of surfaces and can retain their
grasp upon items virtually without effort-they can secrete a clear sticky
compound at will from their hands and feet. Aristocles speculates that the
number of Arachnins if far greater than most would suspect. He bases this
theory on the fact that the Frishlon is an annual event. He also claims that
they possess an average life span of 80 years, and live exclusively in warm,
wet climates.

Biome Temperate and equatorial zones

Encounter chance : Slim

Group size : 1

Org : Solitary

Niche: Top level omnivore

IQ : sentient

Converted from Creatures & Treasures III (Rolemaster) from I.C.E.

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

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